price: 15,000,000
location: hyde park new cairo
Essential Information
Property ID: 12596
area: 370m2
Type: Townhouse
Bedrooms: 4
bathrooms: 3
Reception: 3
finishing: finished
Payment Method: cash

about this property

Two Townhouse Villa for Sale in HYDE PARK - New Cairo
Total area: 340m 

Two townhouses on the corner of one, 170 m, net buildings on two floors,
land 260 m
one of them semi-finished from the inside only

The other is finished with four rooms, a storeroom, three bathrooms, an open kitchen, and a reception of three pieces

 The ground floor has one bedroom, an open kitchen, a reception of three pieces, and a bathroom

And the first floor consists of a master bedroom with a bathroom and dressing, a large children's room, a small room, and a children's bathroom

The garden is fully finished

With a swimming pool and a full kitchen in the garden
about HYDE PARK - New Cairo

Hyde Park Compound location

The compound guarantees its residents to live in a quiet atmosphere far from noise and pollution thanks to its great location within the main Teseen Street in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, which is the lifeblood of all of Egypt.

The project’s location still has many other advantages, as it is easy for its residents to move to the American University, which is a short distance from it (it can be traveled in no more than five minutes), and it links them to many vital roads, including but not limited to:

  • Cairo-Suez Road, which is only 5 km away.
  • Cairo Ain Sokhna Road
  • Regional Ring Road

Services and Features

The secret behind the distinction of Hyde Park Compound Fifth Settlement is the multiplicity of its services, on the one hand, its sophistication and high quality, on the other hand, meaning that the quantity did not come at the expense of the quality, but rather there is a balance between the two so that the residents can enjoy in the end the utmost levels of comfort and luxury, as it provides them with the following:

  • A highly trained security staff is constantly present in order to provide complete protection to the population at all times.
  • Installing surveillance cameras in various parts of the compound to ensure a greater degree of safety for its residents.
  • A garage to park residents' cars only so that they do not have to park them in crowded places or far from them.
  • Electric elevators are attached to each building in order to facilitate movement between floors.
  • Electric generators overcome the problem of power outages, which ensures that the interests of the population are not disrupted in such cases.
  • A medical center, which has the latest devices and equipment, in addition to specialized medical staff, including highly qualified consultants and specialists.
  • The Grand Hospital provides an integrated and distinguished medical service to all residents because it is equipped with various necessary medical equipment and is built on a large area of ​​30 thousand square meters.
  • Multiple commercial centers provide various purposes and products of world-famous brands, and one of them occupies a vast space of ​​71 acres because it contains a huge number of shops, numbering about 1,700 stores.
  • A gymnasium inside Hyde Park New Cairo, in addition to the spa, both of which are fully equipped and managed by a specialized team to ensure the provision of outstanding service to its patrons, and are available to both men and women.
  • Halls are equipped to organize various parties and other halls in an integrated manner that makes them suitable for meetings held by business owners.
  • The largest hotels mimic international hotels, as they are distinguished by luxurious design and provide the finest services to their guests.
  • Administrative units that provide distinguished offices and headquarters for many major companies and famous banks, in addition to the presence of automated teller machines.
  • Hyde Park, which alone occupies 600 square meters of the project's land, is, therefore, one of the largest parks in New Cairo, which ensures living in a healthy green environment far from pollution, as the green space within the project occupies about 141 acres.
  • Distinguished activities can be practiced within the cultural and social club without having to travel long distances to reach them.
  • An integrated sports club, which extends over 42 acres, and includes many playgrounds and multiple sports equipment, a number of tournaments are scheduled to be held on its land at the local and regional levels.
  • The strength of the infrastructure of the project, in addition to the major transportation network, links it to the various regions.
  • Water fountains give a wonderful aesthetic view of the place as a whole and at the same time give the units overlooking it a beautiful view.
  • Luxurious hotel entrances are distinguished by their splendid designs in order to match the high level of the entire project.
  • Four Club Houses are fully equipped and elegant in order to provide a distinctive entertainment service to the residents.
  • The major international schools apply the American and English education systems, as well as a specialized swimming academy, which is supervised by (Farida Othman), the world swimming champion.



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